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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  July 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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looking at that. sorry, our lens is out of focus. 108, that's the current real feel temperature. heat index value, sizzling out there. a real steam bath of a situation. that moist feel came in big time and our heat advisory continues this evening. so, more steamy conditions tonight. fueling some storms, yes, mainly well to the north and west. so far. we will see if those storms continue to stay together as they move further south. right now the watches and warnings all well north of maryland. i don't know why we are back on that shot but more coming up. >> we got you in it. you can take your forecast with you on the road. just head to abc to learn how to down load the weather app on your smart phone and you can get the storm shield app that will alert you to when severe weather heads to your neighborhood. tonight for the first time we are seeing an image of the
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man who behind the kidnapping of cal ripkin mother. we have more on this latest development just the last couple hours. >> reporter: that's right. a day after her kidnapping ended with her safe return, police are hoping the surveillance picture you see her of her captor may lead to his arrest. he slipped in to her garage with a gun to kidnap her one day and then slipped away after driving her back to the same neighborhood the next. the same man couldn't avoid being on camera and now police are hoping someone will recognize him and turn him in. in the hometown people are still buzzing about the kidnapping of vi ripkin and wondering if she was targeted because of her son. >> just seems like somebody who has been there before and knew them. i don't think it was random. >> i don't think they knew what they were doing. i think mentally off their rocker. that's what i say.
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half baked. >> when i first happened i thought it was somebody that kind of like michael jordon's father or just random and didn't know or somebody like trying to do a ransom or something. >> reporter: investigators have interviewed neighbors and checked every vehicle in the area around the house but haven't released information on how the suspect pictured here may have come and went without being detected. it also remains a mystery as to why a person would commit such a crime, kidnap someone and then return them unharmed the very next day. >> tough like her son. maybe we should be -- [inaudible]. >> if you recognize the man in this picture you should call the police department. abc 2news. >> thank you. >> new, baltimore county police have charged this man with a sex offense involving a
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13-year-old. police say the 36-year-old met the victim through the i-phone app call the grinder. he was using a profile under the name steve. he drove to an area near the boy's home after setting up the meeting with him. he is charged with solicitation of a minor and a sex offense. he is being held on 75,000 dollars bail. police want anyone with any information on him to call this number on the screen. the man claimed claim claimed that sandusky abused him will sue. they said they investigated and gearinged overwhelming evidence of the abuse. penn state said it can't comment on any pending lawsuits. during the trial prosecutors said that they didn't know the identity of the boy molested by him in 2001, that is the one witnessed by a former grad assistant.
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he reported it to school officials including joe paterno but nobody told police. and now the latest tonight on the colorado theater shooting, investigators are going over that notebook that james holmes sent to a university of colorado counselor. he had been a student at the school until he dropped out in june. through it, looking for preplanning, motivation, purchase of weapons, all of that goes to motive and his justifying for what he did. most people that commit these types of crimes, are very open about talking about why they are doing it. >> fox news reported the notebook arrived an campus days before the shooting but officials say that is wrong,
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the package was delivered on monday, the same day it was found. and in the wake of the shooting nine major police groups went to dc today to call for stronger federal gun laws. among them the baltimore county police chief jim johnson. they want background checks for all gun buyers and a ban on high capacity magazine clips. the background check would mean anyone who buys from a nongun dealer would also have to have the check. currently that doesn't take place. now the latest on the huge sink hole that opened near hopkins hospital. bge went out today and closed off the gas cap, engineers using radar technology to see if any other lines were damaged when the hole opened up yesterday. crews won't start patching it up until at least next week which means monument street will stay closed for at least the next few days. tomorrow we will find if we
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will be take 2 in annapolis, meaning a formal announcement on if a special session will be held to deal with the possibility of exbanding gambling in maryland. yesterday the house speaker told people to prepare for a special session because he believes the governor will call for one. if it happens, the session will deal with allowing table games and a new casino site at the national harbor. it would have until august 20th to iron out the language. the state's newest casino is adding more than 500 new slot machines and electronic table games. the second part of construction is a head of schedule. those new machines will be up and running in about an hour and also opening tonight at six ram's head a new bar. maryland live expects to add another 1,000 slot machines by november, open another restaurant, a retail store and a bus lounge.
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in tonight's consumer alert the safety commission is going after the maker of a popular toy. jamie is here now to tell us why the desktop magnets are dangerous for children. >> reporter: here is the deal. the concern is about the children swallowing them. since 2008, 200 cases have happened of kids swallowing them . they put holes in the intestin es. they want them to stop being sold but the manufacturer said no. >> the company and cpsc have been warning for a long time it's a product not for kids. the incidents still happen. in the end we have an obligation to keep children out of surgery, we feel like our action is to do that, to achieve that end. >> reporter: the maker of the magnets said the cpsc went after the firm and that the magnets have been around for centuries. it said they are marked for 14
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and older. this is the first time in a decade that they have filed such a complaint. abc 2news. >> thank you. wal-mart is finding itself at center of a lawsuit. the retail giant is being sued because their payment machines at the check out lanes aren't accessible for people in wheelchairs. the center for independent living said the company has ignored complaints for seven years. wal-mart said it's committed to serving customers with disabilities and it's goal is to have every check out machine accessible on the heels of a series of reports from our station in phoenix, ford just announced a recall almost more than five hundred thousand suv's. joe is he works for you tonight bringing you the details on the investigation. >> reporter: our team has been looking in to acceleration issues on ford escape for months and just hours ago ford issued a safety recall on 48
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5,000 ford escapes and mavericks. those are the -- ford said the recall is to fix sticking gas pedals that can cause a crash. it comes a speed control cable issue that's been at the center of this investigation. the recall comes five months after 17-year-old sage bloom died in arizona. her ford escape went out of control and crashed quill killing her. ford warned dealers about a cable issue seven years ago. since then we have looked at other crashes involving the escapes and talked to people calling for a second recall. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. you know -- because of the bloom investigation, we are going to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: last week it was announced they would investigate ford escapes and
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tribute. the ntsb sent us this response saying it's in contact with ford and the investigation will continue. consumers impacted by the recall should have their vehicles serviced promptly. the investigation into this issue remains open pending the agency's review of documents provided by ford in it's recall action. our team just spoke to mazda. it's looking in to the recall, meeting about it and will have more information tomorrow. abc 2news. >> thank you. they marketed to teens and young adults. how the feds are cracking down on the people who sell these designer drugs. and michael jackson's oldest son now talking about his feelings. the latest on the jackson family saga. and hearing loss surprisingly common, even for those under 65. we tell you about what can be done to prevent it coming up.
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. it's unfortunate but sometimes hearing loss come was age. there are some things you can do now to protect your own. >> hi. summer is flying by and i'm excited about that because i'm getting closer to the launch of my new show. every summer we have an interesting article after see a new study, i wish we were on the air to talk about it. did you know that 65% of people under the age of 65 have some hearing loss? i spoke to a doctor and he tested my hearing, i will tell you the results. first here is what he said about protecting your hearing. >> i think the best thing that you are aware and you want to make sure you test it on a regular basis. when you are in environments that may be potentially dangerous you want to wear hear progress text and make sure
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that if we experience any of the science of hearing loss, whether it's difficulty hearing, noisy environment or ringing ears, we want to make sure you take care of it. it may be something that's treatable. >> when you do loose hearing as you age, it leads to a lot of other issues doesn't it. >> without aidant. we know it leads to feelings of worry, depression, feeling isolated and we know there are study that show us that increased incidents of dementia and affecting those with alzheimer's. because we are withdrawn from a situation and don't participate. when we keep our mind active we know it's much better for us physically, emotionly and with relationships. >> as for those ear buds that seem to penetrate our brains these days it's not the music but the volume and duration.
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my hearing was normal. having it tested in a crowded tv studio with my crew watching, not so normal. i will see you back next week and stay tuned for the premiere of katie on september 10th. >> that's right. we are your station for katie the show, starts september 10th at 4:00 before the news at save. your chance to be a game show contestant is coming to hartford this week. the new show is called let's ask america. now it you are picked you will compete from people across the country, questions for cash, right inside your own house. the top prize is $25,000. the contestants search happens friday at the hartford county farm. you will meet the host, plus the team. they will host a casting call for people from three until eight. the half hour show will start on abc2 at 7:30, starting september 17th. if you want more information on
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the show go to abc,/laa. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> our heat advisory continues, right in to the evening because dangerous heat index values have been reached, courtesy of extreme humidity in place across the area. take a look at some of the weather in motion today across baltimore. a cloudy, hazy start. that showed the warm up for a few hours but then the heat came out big time along with the sun in manchester. a bit of a breeze on the trees here but hot hot conditions. the place to be today would be the beach. take a look. counsel in -- the beach plaza looking very nice there on the water's edge but warm, hot conditions across the area. 97 now at pwi. winds southwesterly at 12 and humidity certainly, certainly on the extreme side. temperatures upper 90's from winchester to baltimore, down
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through the river. little cooler at the beach in the last hour. those winds persist out of the southwest drawing in that hot, steamy humid air. that moisture, it's moving through now. we are feeling the effect was a heat levels up in the 100 plus range in terms of real feel temperatures, heat and humidity. we have seen it several time this is summer and are seeing it out there right now. we are seeing storms on the radar scope. north and west of us n to southern ohio. a line of intense storms, severe thunderstorm watch up for pennsylvania right now has not been extended into maryland but the heat advisory is certainly still there boundary moving slowly. behind this we will see a break at least into the upper 80's for the weekend. another hot, humid situation tonight and into the day tomorrow ahead of the boundary, before it pushes through and boy you can see the extreme humidity that has over spread
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the entire east coast. that dry comfortable air we had yesterday. its gone. it's out of here and again all across the east right now, sweltering in those extreme temperatures. all right. storm chances tonight. pretty slim i from the state line south. if you are traveling north. pennsylvania et cetera you will get into storms. then into friday that boundary tries to sink south i think a better chance for pop up showers and storms, into tomorrow afternoon. saturday, still the possibility of some hit and miss showers and/or storms but i think most of the area is dry. hit and miss storms. few storms possible tonight with a real steamer out there but most of it north of us. continued hot and humid tomorrow with afternoon thunderstorms and by tomorrow night down to 78, a real steamer out there and some storms could linger. you can see the trend is for more of the hot weather into friday. as we go into saturday and sunday, temperatures will be a
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little more seasonable and we will look for basically more classic late july weather. upper 80's to low 90s. that is normal but we will be above that for a while we can't wait for early august to cool off. >> thank you. >> coming up, travelers coming through airports carry more than just bags. they can transmit disease. what is more like think to spread disease. and sleep walking is the old saying true, should you never wake a sleep walker? t
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. >> you may end up researchers wanted to see what you are most likely to lead in airports. jfk topped the list with los angeles second and hawaii airport was third. outbreaks have shown our easy diseases can travel. this information did help them find ways to contain infections and find treatments in the early stages. it's time to start turning off the tv and your laptop before bed. some new research to address not unplugging at night can affect your mental health. a study found that female hamsters with exposure to dim light at night showed signs of depression including reduce activity, less interest in treats and changes in the brain similar to those in people who
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are depressed. it stopped when they got a full night's loss in total darkness. a study tippeds as many as one in three adults say they have sleep walked at some point in their life. children are the most prone to it particularly between the age of four and eight. >> we don't know why the young brain seems to get more caught between the half away and half asleep. there are some things -- we know if the parents sleep you are more likely. >> children usually out grow it but if it starts when you are an adult -- if you see a sleep walker it's best to try to redirect them back to bed rather than try to wake them. we are the place for all the health news you need. log on and check out the page. you will find the big health headlines and more interesting health categories. coming up, they can cause
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paranoia and violence and are geared toward teens and young people. more on the crack down on the designer drugs. and a beer truck overturns, spilling its cargo all over the highway. we will tell you where it happens. and the jacksons, cathryn back at home tonight but the family fight is spilling onto twitter. the later late latest on the drama.
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. now,abc 2news at 5:30. >> a day after she was returned to her family, police are still searching for the gunman who kidnapped vi ripkin. an image of him on camera here but police won't say where the photograph aim came from. they haven't determined a motive in the crime, and the investigation is ongoing. consumer product safety commission going after the makers of popular toy magnets. the bucky balls and bucky cubes
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can put holes in the intestine is if swallowed. the company says they are intended for children over the age of 14. and ford is issuing a safety recall on nearly a half million vehicles ford escapes and tributes. they have been recalled because the gas pedal can stick and cause crashes, consumers impacted by it should contact ford to have their vehicle serviced. the hat is on across maryland. you are looking at mount eerie. some storms brewing to the north. so do we have anything to worry about? let's check in with wyatt in the storm center. >> the extreme heat and humidity and you can see it here with the heat index around 108 helping fuel storms to the north with a front pushing in out of the north and west. the main concern


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